How To Get Rid Of iPhone Search History? Permanently

February 29, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Blog

iphonesafarihistoryQuickly delete your iPhone Search History! This is how to get rid of it All Permanently! Dont you hate it when someone else is using your phone, and some embarrassing search phrases pop up for everyone to see. Well there is a way to delete Google search history in Safari for your iPhone.

Try this First,

Go to Settings, then go to the Safari option. Safari is your Apple internet browser. This is the program storing all your web browsing history.

Select the “Search Engine” option, and choose which one you would like to clear.

Scoll down to the bottom of the same page, You will see three buttons.

– Clear History
– Clear Cookies
– Clear Cache

You want to press all three buttons, and clear all three types of history. This will delete History, delete Cookies and delete Cache.

The History option will delete all the search queries that pop up when your using Google or any browser search function.

The Cookies will delete all the information that the web sites you have been visiting has collected from you, including usernames of sites you use like Facebook, or anything you log into and type. These websites create a cookie fle on your iPhone, which contains data about your last visit.

The Cache is all your other temporary browsing data, such as all teh little images and adons used while browsing the web. The Cache is a memory of all these bits. This can take up alot of space on your memory. Causing your device to move slower. So its always good to delete your Cache also.

Now your done! All your browsing and search querie history has been deleted. So avoid embarrassing moments, and do this every time you need to.

Now what you want to do is to “Enable Private Browsing”, this can be done on later versions of iPhone iOS 5 and up. In the same Safari menu, switch private browsing on. So you dont have to worry about clearing it all the time.